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Be the true owner of your experience

Become a citizen of alien world like nothing you’ve ever seen before.

Through blockchain and web3 tech, you can become whoever you want to be. Your only limit is your creativity.

A group of three PetBots


Agents on a mission on Dolos


Filled with mysteries to discover, the world’s ecosystem is rich with magnificent landscapes.

However, nanotech infections are ravaging the ancient world, and it’s up to you to tame it. Fight against this corruption to clean and conquer new regions.
Agents planting their flag to claim their own land


Once conquered, regions can be transformed and distributed into lands, ready to settled by players.

What you do with these lands is up to you. Build housing, attract leisure seekers or become an economic powerhouse. As you trade resources and grow your society of pioneers you’ll have to deal with thieves, criminals and always be prepared for a nanobot invasion.
An agent holding a speech in front of a crowd


Define the rules of your society.

Your society is a living, breathing world. Choose whether to pursue personal wealth and seize control or follow a more democratic route. Hold elections, organize markets, impose taxes, regulate the economy, define policies, and deploy police forces to maintain order.
A group of explorers finds an alien ruin

Build the foundations for a new society!

Life Beyond will give you the opportunity to become a citizen of a new kind of sociotech society. In the game, you'll have the freedom to shape your own experience!

As a true citizen of this society, you will have the chance to own land and build a home, heck, build a bakery, a cinema, a hospital, build whatever you feel fits the needs of the community!

You'll get to develop special skills and learn how to craft unique NFTs and items to trade with other players.

Outside of the game, you will be able to interact with your community and fulfil a bunch of goals that will be rewarded in the universe of Life Beyond!

All of our players will have true ownership over their path: create, sell, trade, build, or just enjoy the fun gameplay of our coop missions to fight the corruption and save the planet Dolos.

Would you be a major, a bartender, a warrior, an explorer? We are waiting for you!

Want To Be Kept Updated On The Project?

Join our inclusive community where you can get the latest news and updates about Life Beyond! Looking for insider information, cool exchanges with the studio team, and sneak peeks of our latest developments? Stay ahead of the curve and be part of this exciting and co-developed adventure!
A fortified base built and defended by agents on Dolos

Take part in the development

We believe that today’s players need to feel a progression, a sense of belonging and ownership, without having to spend hundreds of hours in a game, like with traditional MMORPGs.

So, we want to offer a unique experience, in a persistent and ever-evolving world where every player can voice their expectations, needs and feelings.

We want to build this game with all of you, our benevolent and passionate community.

Join us in this adventure and make your mark on the game, even before its release.

Behind the scenes

The observation deck of a spaceship looking down to Dolos
An assembly holding a vote around a round table
A farmer looking after his herd of fantastical creatures
A city built from the remains of spaceship
High tech radar installation in a desert
The interior of a base on Dolos


Can I playtest the game?

Join other future pioneers of Dolos in the Hub, our new social area! Playtest prototype features as they're released, chat with other players, and help shape the future of Life Beyond's development.
Life Beyond is a play & earn massively multiplayer role playing game with fun action gameplay combined with self-expression, content creation and social experience on the blockchain.
It's the third millennium. Humanity has long colonized Mars. Needing more resources, those colonies begin venturing outside the solar system, but they find something they would have never expected: a wormhole.

Where does it lead? The race is on to find out.

The D.E.E.P Agency forms, pushing human ingenuity to the limit to build an exploration vessel capable of making it through the unknown. Brave volunteers risk everything to take the journey to see whatever lies beyond.

Once through, they find a vast planet. Naming it Dolos, the volunteers become pioneers, and explore this new world, shaping it however they see fit.
While fighting against a spreading, and dangerous threat, you Agents will clean some lands that will be available for settlement. You can earn, and own a land where you will be able to build anything you want, from a home to a tavern, from a hospital to a bakery, the choices are yours.
We want the world of Dolos to be offering unique challenges for many types of players, including those who enjoy group PvE. We'll share more about this aspect of the game as development progresses.
We have not made any announcements regarding the availability of the game on any given store in the future.
We want Life Beyond to be accessible to as many players as possible, but before we localize the game, we have to make it!
We want Life Beyond to be available on as many platforms as possible down the line. We're developing it on PC though, so PC players will be the first ones to enjoy the game.
We are committed to keeping Life Beyond free to play. As the game is running on the blockchain technology, players will be able to acquire different kinds of items, lands, and customization options… But our main focus is to create a game, not a trading platform, those options will be bonuses.